McHealthyMatters: Win the Health Game – 5 Step Systems

McHealthyMatters: Win the Health Game – 5 Step Systems

Do you suspect you may have gluten or dairy intolerance or food sensitivities ? Are you aware of how that can affect  your body and its functions?

Have your clothes shrunk in the past couple of months?

Did you know that gluten intolerance & other food allergies and sensitivities can prevent / sabotage your weight loss?

We help you clean out those problems and  help your body return to a healthy more fully energized  state of wellbeing.

What do you want instead?   If it’s weighing on your mind and you’re ready for a change – – you CAN win the health game.


The answers are here –  with ways to get you to reach your desires  &  goals for better health.

Check out the “Foodbytes”  and “Eaters Digest” pages for information to begin…

FOOD is the master key to health.

With Mchealthy’s  5  Step System for Health and Well-Being-

1.   You Eat Real Food, REAL WHOLE FOODS, including the right fats to lose weight and help you transform.

2.  You Purifiy* and Re-Educate Your Body.  You’ll eliminate cravings.

3.  You Have Programmed Supplementation for Cleansing and Feeding.

4.  You Gain Self-Confidence and your body follows your mind’s suggestions and you FEEL and LOOK GREAT.

5.  You Get Health-Coaching for Accountability & Lasting Results. l as you eat your way to good health!

*Purify:  Cleansing your whole system with a 21-day Proven Program that allows your body to function as it’s meant to naturally.  Removing the “gunk” in your system is the first step.
Are you ready to eat great tasting foods that cleanse, feed and energize you;  foods that help your body digest and work well… helping you to shed pounds?

Believe you can and your whole world transforms- including your ability to control your food intake and your weight.  There’s no magic bullet… There is food and caring support.

You  eat your way to feeling and looking better within a system that you can handle.

If this sounds like a strategy that meets your vision for your health/weight  goals – move forward now, take that first step: contact me for Mchealthy’s Free Nutritional Survey to begin your journey to eating your way to better health.   Type  “SURVEY”  in the subject line.

Living and working in Colorado and proud to be among the practitioners who serve our wonderful health conscious population.  Join me!