Ricki McKenna, C.N. a.k.a. “Mchealthy”, is an Enlightened Certified Nutritionist with a passion for food – and people.

“My work is love in action”.   My passion is sharing practical information, ideas, compassionate coaching for your health and ways to improve your life through ‘chewing your way to better health’-  eating real food.

My specialty is in bringing information and practical useable applications to you:  You get life-changing ideas and solutions to your health challenges; information that you can use in daily living  as individuals – and groups – through live and tele-seminars, workshops, individual and group health coaching and counseling and keynote speaking.  

Ricki’s style of leadership imparts a lightheartedness that invigorates the soul and body with fun and exuberance. As the CCQH Leadership Club’s resident nutritionist, she brings excitement and practical wisdom to the dining table of good foods.” 

–  Cheri L, Lafayette, CO    

Mchealthymatters© and Practical Nutrition for Healthy Living were established in 1999.  Since then my clients have received outstanding nutritional education and counseling and personalized service.

I am a licensed, Certified Nutritionist through the National Institute of Nutrition Education-American Health Science University, and one of the best-known nutritionists in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.

“Being a knowledge hound and ‘nutrition guru’, I’m constantly updating my education.   I’m currently integrating Ayurveda into my practice, which combines proven healing traditions with modern scientific knowledge.  It adds another powerful modality to help me help YOU reach your goals.”

For over 12 years, I’ve been researching nutrition and counseling people on how to optimize their health with food and conscious eating.   I’ve been quoted in USA Today, and write informative nutrition articles for the Aspen Daily News, Aspen Times and The Sopris Sun. Read my tweets on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, www.ccqh-leadershipclub.com/ricki-mckenna.php,   www.thenewgreeneconomy.com

As “Mchealthy”, I’ve been interviewed on TV and radio shows in Texas and colorado.  I teach nutrition classes at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen and Basalt, CO.  Presenting interactive discussions, teleseminars and nutritional programs for organizations, schools and clubs, including the Aspen Club & Spa, Glenwood Recreation Center, and other organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley, throughout Colorado and in Houston, Texas, has kept me happily busy and helping lots of people.

Facebook, LinkedIn, www.ccqh-leadershipclub.com/ricki-mckenna.php,   www.thenewgreeneconomy.comwww.toyourgoodhealth.wordpress.com.

As a member of CCQH Leadership Club  I was honored to be a recipient of the 2009 CCQH Leaders of the Year Award.  It’s fun serving as their resident nutritionist providing a wide range of nutrition articles and advice.  I am a Professional member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP).  Since its beginning in 2002, I’ve been a founding member and presenter for Davi Nikent integrative wellness seminars and own a thriving private practice in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. 

Sharing and caring for each other, we EAT WELL.

Pot Lucks can be fun