Just for Fun — Grandma’s Adventure

Ah, vacations.  Ever been on one and were not sure how to handle the invitations for eating with friends? or even worse, family?

Ok, so here I am with mom, brother, kids and (gulp) grandkids and they are serving up the spicy TexMex stuff made with Cheesewhiz…yuk. It’s not even cheese!  Well if you put enough spices in it, heat it and stir in some cilentro, red peppers and a couple of jala penos it might pass as a dip.  Don’t even mention the salt content.

And I just lost some weight and have visions of it coming back with a vengeance….but it’s family and I’m on vacation, right?  Ok, so easy on the dippy stuff and I can handle the chips and live through it for a couple of days.

And then my body says, “greens, give me greens”!   So, off I go to the store and get some chard, green beans and real butter and a dozen eggs.  Breakfast is now steamed chard and green beans and a couple of fried eggs and I’m feeling more normal.  Whew, I will survive.

Oh, yes, water and organic juice for smoothies, thank goodness mom has a blender and there’s fresh fruit in the kitchen and yogurt in the refrigerator.  I’ve made it through the first round.

Taking the grandkids to the Aquarium tomorrow and we’ll see what kind of fare is available there.  Maybe they have fresh fish?…only kidding.  Gotta remember to take the bag of nuts and dried fruit with me as part of my survival kit.  And a couple of bottles of water for me and the kids.  Ok, the lemonade is probably palatable so that’ll work.   And a pretzel would be fun, carb city here we come….

And tomorrow is another adventure.  Will let you know how it goes.  Until then….

On to the Aquarium and rooms full of fish and other aquatic animals.  After oooh-ing and ahh-ing  through the passages filled with strange fish,  a 20′ long python and frogs of all types, and a couple of white tigers, (yes, live tigers) we rode through a hall where we were surrounded by water on both sides and above us.  Watching a saw-tooth shark swim above your head is a strange experience while sitting on a train.  The kids and I loved it.

And then, on to the restaurant where we shared “sliders” for lunch (little hamburgers on buns) and the usual French fries, which were chunky and good, and a grilled cheese sandwich that was on fat “Texas toast” (a  1.5″  THICK slice of toasted white bread) and some apple juice.

My Lettuce wraps were great- filled with chunky chicken sauteed with SALT and marinated vegetables, cabbage, cucumber, and something else I don’t recall…  As I said, grandkids are fun and did I mention work?  Especially the 2 yr old, in a restaurant surrounded by walls of water with LARGE fish swimming by as we ate.

You can imagine the pointing and ‘ooohs and wows’  between bites of food.    It was worth every dropped spoon and fork!  We found a huge yellow eel, but  never did find the Little Mermaid…

Not too bad for restaurant fare, but we were glad to get home to their usual dinner with green and red vegetables.  They really do like their snow peas and tomatoes.

Friday and  I’m back home.  Managed to maintain my weight pretty well, but not sure about the sanity.  However, grandkids are definitely fun and worth the trip many times over.

And they do eat well, I’m proud to say.  My children are doing a great job with their offspring – I believe they did listen to some of the advice from mom Mchealthy nagging them regarding the care and feeding of children.  Smart bunch of kiddos!  I love them all a LOT!

Author: RickiM

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