The Arrival of the “Season of Guilt”….

Are you “digging your grave with your teeth”? The food you eat becomes your skin, your nails, hair, eyes, teeth, organs, etc. Get the picture?

Ah, here it comes again – January and the beginning of the “Season of Guilt“, as my friend Mary calls it – is here.

Whether you believe it or not, stressing yourself out due to weight gain, weight loss, etc., can lead to feeling guilty about gaining those 5-7 lbs (on the average) during the holidays.

So  what do you do about it??  Don’t kick the cat or strangle the dog since they didn’t have anything to do with what you put in your mouth at the parties.  In fact, if you’ve continued to walk the dog or chase the cat, you might have staved off some of those lbs and maintained your weight.

Made the usual New Years’ Resolutions did you?   Ok, now let’s see if they are reasonable and do-able…. But before I go there, I’d love you to check out Mary’s Tip of the Week  for the New Year:

If you’re still laughing and/or planning a leap from the nearest chair in your red undies,  please read on.  There’s a method to this madness.

First, forget the guilt thing, it’s mind over matter and your mind does matter!  Oh, yes, it’s also exercising a little “won’t power” which involves thought and planning (yeah, you gotta DO something to make it work).

Speaking of exercising, just about 30 minutes a day of doing something that resembles exercise – like stretching and some dancing can benefit your whole psyche as well as your body.   If every day doesn’t work, go for at least 3 -4 days/week – and don’t chastise yourself if you miss a day (the guilt thing again).

If you can, take a hike – somewhere in the sun.  It’s good for grabbing some vitamin D and will refresh your soul as well.   (BTW, there’s more to this on the effects of Vitamin D on cancer and other disease prevention coming soon).

Run with the dog – outside and dance around the block.  The neighbors will wonder what you’re up to and smile as you go by.  If you can get the cat to run let me know how you do it…

While you’re gathering rays, you’re boosting your immune system, which has probably been sugared to death in the past month and needs to be cleaned out or cleansed as we say in the preventive care industry.  It’s that circulating system that helps keep you from “catching colds” or other nasty dis-eases of the season that you want to boost.

So clearing out the sweets and the lingering fats is a great idea whose time has come.   This will help get your immune system on track again and let you get through the winter in good shape, feeling good about yourself and others.

The food you eat becomes your skin, your nails, hair, eyes, teeth, organs, etc. and gets re-newed every year.     Get the picture?

Now, about those resolutions, or re-solutions as they are called…  A good buddy of mine once said to make a new start at this time of year and followed it with some suggestions that I’ll list below.

Think of NEWSTART  as an acronym, so each letter gives you part of the new start:

N – Nutrition, MOST  IMPORTANT Are you “digging your grave with your  teeth”?   Who and what you are comes from the food you eat.

E – Exercise, moves fluids through the body, gives flexibility & stamina. Whether it’s walking, dancing, yoga, stretching, choose a form you’ll stick with for at least 3 days /week.

W – Water, We are 70% water, The brain is 90% water.  WE NEED WATER. Drink at least 6-8 glasses /day, add lemon or orange juice and DRINK.

S – Sunshine, full spectrum light helps balance the body,  it’s the best source of vitamin D, and supplementing D can help your immune system.

T – Toxins, Cleanse your system of toxins; read ALL labels, check your cosmetics, toothpaste, shampoos etc. for chemical additives, preservatives and especially plastics and BPAs.  Get a stainless steel water bottle…

A – Air, Breathe deeply of fresh clean air whenever possible.   Take deep breaths while driving, sitting, walking.  Breathing deeply helps metabolism, and your brain.

R – Rest/Relaxation, are both important to a healthy body and mind.  Sleep at least 8 hours a night, take 5-10 minute breaks from your work routine and make sure your shoulders are not up to your ears….stretch, take a “dream minute” or a laugh break.  Laughter is wonderful medicine for the soul.

T – Trust/Triune, in Spirit, the Energy of the Universe, renew your body, mind and spirit and believe in yourself and your abilities.

That’s a bunch of things to consider, so if you can choose 1 or 2 of these and begin – that first step is the toughest, and you can do it, one step at a time.  Just DO  one something differently and see what happens!

Like instead of the soda to boost your 3 pm slump, drink a glass of water with lemon or a sip a juice mixed with water.  OR  grab a piece of fresh fruit and chomp on it slowly until each bite is liquified, then swallow.

May not sound like a major step at first, but watch what happens within a week of changing just one thing at a time.

Health is much more than the absence of disease…it’s vitality & energy to keep going all day and half the night.  Its KNOWING that you have the energy reserves and endurance to accomplish your goals, at work or play.

Guilt serves no one.  So dig in and challenge yourself – enlist a buddy to play along with you and see who sheds the most pounds first, if that’s your goal…  and enjoy the new year and newstart.        Feedback welcomed!

Happy 2011.

Author: RickiM

Enlightened nutritionist with compassion and lots of information to give...