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                  Are you Exhausted?  Achy?  Allergic to exercise? 

                                   What the hell are you waiting for??

  •       To be told you’re Pre-Diabetic? Or Diabetic and need medication/drugs?   

    •               To be given one more diet and health program you can’t live with?    

                      Want to eliminate the root cause(s) of all this?   

                  Ready to FEEL really ALIVE and good about yourself?

          If You’re ready, CALL ME !   Ricki “mchealthy” McKenna, CN

      Together we’ll guide you to get and stay inspired from within –

                                                  and reveal the REAL YOU!  

       No more shame or blaming yourself (or anyone else)  NOW IS YOUR TIME  It will be worth it!   

      How much longer are you willing to endure the pain and the cost of medicines that don’t help you feel better?  Or look better? 

If You’re ready, CALL ME !   Ricki “mchealthy” McKenna, CN

Enjoy the Benefits of controlling of inflammation, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and pain without drugs or starving yourself.                           

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CHOOSE HEALTH brings you Solutions to achieve your goals for wellness. 

Take control of your own health – Regain your active lifepain and drug-free 

Start living as you were created to with love, good food, simple systems, and the support you deserve.

                Let Ricki, “mchealthy” help you get what you want:  

“You …have the power to change, heal and nourish a healthy microbiome through what you eat, what you’re exposed to in the environment, and what kind of lifestyle you lead.”
Dr. David Perlmutter, Brain Maker

With my instruction and encouragement, you’ll benefit from renewing your strength, be able to resist disease and revitalize your life with real food:  FOOD is the MASTER KEY to health…

With Mchealthy’s  5  Step System for Health and Well-Being

1.   You Eat Real Food, REAL WHOLE FOODS, including the right fats (yes fats) to lose weight and help you transform.

2.  You Purifiy* and Re-Educate Your Body.  You’ll eliminate cravings.

3.  You Have Programmed Supplementation for Cleansing and Feeding.

You Get Health-Coaching for Accountability & Lasting Results as you eat your way to good health!

5.  You Gain Self-Confidence and your body follows your mind’s suggestions and you FEEL and LOOK GREAT.


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