Some ideas to keep you energized all day….


  1. EAT BREAKFAST!! Eat a filling but LIGHT breakfast, a good Protein shake (21gr or more)  with water or almond or coconut milk or plain yogurt or an egg or 2 with oatmeal or eggs and avocado.…

Here’s why: 

Not eating breakfast puts you at an energy deficit when you need the fuel the most.

Sugar and carbohydrates alone will trigger an energy rush that quickly peters out.

Carbohydrates combined with protein and good fats  make for long-lasting energy.

Lots of calories (sugary cereals, toast)  will  trigger serotonin production in your brain, making you more calm, almost sleepy: and then you’ll crash and reach for more sugary foods.

  1. Make Lunch Protein

Here’s why:

Any meal over 1,000 calories will slow you down and make you feel drowsy.

Too many carbohydrates without protein will elevate serotonin levels in your brain, leaving you calm and sleepy for the afternoon.  Too much fat without too much protein will do the same thing. (Think Keto)

Lunch should be satisfying; you should feel lightly full afterwards.  If you eat salads with a little-fat dressing, you’re eating the equivalent of a fruit juice without the sugar.  Try adding some chick peas, cheese, meat or tofu or sunflower seeds for protein. A sandwich on whole grain bread with meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce will work too.  Or just eat the fillings on a plate!

  1. Snack on fruit, pretzels, nuts, fresh veggies between meals. Avoid sugar-rich candies or sweets. Almonds, walnuts, macadamia and pecans are your best sources of snack proteins and good fats.

Here’s why:

Snacks are good for you.  Eating small meals throughout the day gives you a steady supply of energy – never too much or too little. 

Sugar, which is supposed to be an “energy” food, actually slows you down. After an influx of sugar, your blood sugar level rises (insulin rush) quickly only to fall lower than where it first began. You need to eat more good FATS.

  1. Drink LOTS of water, even when you are not thirsty and Zeal for Life*.

Here’s why:

Dehydration, which is a lot more common than you might think, causes crankiness and fatigue!  It also leaves you feeling “dried out” (think wrinkles) and lazy and sometimes can make you dizzy,  tired, and your joints achy.  Set your phone alarm and drink hourly!

  1. Take a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement and Omega3s every day.

Here’s why:

There are times when you will not get the ideal amount of the right foods, and you NEED your vitamins, fats and minerals for growth and energy.  SUPPLEMENTS ARE NOT SUBSTITUTES for eating right!  You still need to eat the right food and drink water.

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