Why Choose Ricki McKenna

Why You Should Choose Ricki McKenna as Your Nutrition Professional…

Food is medicine – and eating the right kinds and amounts of foods for your individual system can help heal and prevent disease. I’ve been a Certified Nutritionist since 1999.

My philosophy is “food first”. After 18 years of helping people with their concerns and conditions, my mission is to help you get what you want; to be and stay in the best shape of your life- physically, mentally and without dieting! Interestingly the medical establishment is coming around (albeit slowly) to see that food makes a difference in patient recovery as well as actually preventing and reversing some chronic conditions.

(I’m not fond of “diets” – they don’t work). Clients/patients/doctors I work with understand the philosophy and reasoning behind my work. Knowing how to coach takes intuitive listening and heart, as well as time, energy and knowledge. As you know, change or modification, especially when it comes to food is not always easy. Food habits are established by the age of 2. And most people cook the way their moms do/did. Why? “Because that’s how mom does/did it. Scary! Bringing new ideas and truths to the table may make the preparation and eating much more fun!

My passion is to help people understand what food really is and does for our bodies. Helps bring clarity and understanding to nutrition clients. We do this through individual and family consultations, in-depth health reviews, kitchen pantry and refrigerator reviews, food preparation and safe storage, meal plans, shopping tours, hands-on cooking classes, and other classes on current health/wellness topics*, etc.

I encourage and empower client/patients to take responsibility for their own health; which is where Health Coaching comes into play. As your Health Coach, I present 30, 60, 90 day (and on-going) coaching programs that include 1- 45 minute coaching call per week, “emergency calls” if needed, and internet help. Compliance increases with doctors’ recommendations and accountability. Coaching helps clients and doctors get over some new ideas and procedures – lets them “vent” and increases self-awareness so they can change and feel empowered and move forward to reach their goals. We establish goals early in the programs. However, they are subject to change as needed as part of the coaching agreements.

I also facilitate informative, educational classes on current nutrition/health topics for the public and corporations. Healthy associates and employees are more productive and cost the companies less in health care and insurance – a positive effect to the bottom line.

Nutritional counseling is essential. It’s all based on food, and as needed, supplementation with scientifically proven food based nutraceuticals.

Thank you! Call me and together we’ll get you into the best shape of your life!
Ricki L. McKenna, C.N. 970-618-7607