You CAN reach your goals and get into the best shape of your life     No matter your age or number of previous attempts…  

As a Functional Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach, I provide you with the means and motivation to get there.    With love and compassion to help you appreciate what food really is and does for your body, mind and spirit.

Services You Can Choose from

1. Nutritional Consultations: Individual and family Surveys

2. Dietary assessments Cultural/Ethnic food preferences

3Kitchen/Pantry reviews

4. Mean plans according to individual needs

5. Food preparation and safety 

6. Shopping tours – Label reading

7. Health Coaching*   – Individuals and Groups

8. Cooking classes: Hands-on for individuals, families and small intimate groups

9. Seminars and Educational Programs

                                                                    *Coaching Programs with Ricki 

  30, 60 and 90+ day programs 

30 Days:  gets you started on the right path and new habits are addressed and formed  – you start to see results 

60 Days:  we tweak and make sure you’re following your best routine or we tweak again for better results.  You feel more comfortable and at ease with your new regimen and results

90 Days:  you may have reached your goal* or surpassed it and you KNOW you’re on the right track; New habits have been  established and your results are getting better every day!  

ON-Going:  Monthly updates and check-ins keep you motivated and inspired to maintain your success                                                         (no yo-yoing here!)

     Your best bet:  90 day (and on-going) health coaching programs that include:

  • Establishment of goals and guidelines to reach them (Coaching Agreement)
  • 1 – 45 minute coaching call per week
  • 2 – “5 minute emergency calls” per week
  • Email help when needed –recipes, recommended reading, etc.

Coaching Increases Success through Encouragement, Accountability and Compliance with positive recommendations

An vital part of the Coaching Agreement is to establish vision and goals as we begin the program. It helps individuals (and families and supporting friends) get comfortable with new ideas and procedures, (which may be tweaked during the program) and helps clients understand what’s happening to their systems as they adapt to healthier behaviors. Clients are empowered to stay on the path to reach (and may even exceed) their goals.

Call for more details and to schedule your consultations and classes and Ricki for Speaking: