Zeal Result!

Thanks, Ricki.   As a result of drinking Zeal – in 15 minutes I feel my energy level soar and it lasts for hours.


No more statins or reflux!!

Thanks to Ricki and my new way of eating, I no longer have to take Lipitor or any medication for reflux. I also have maintained a 25 lbs weight loss for almost 2 years and feel great. My doctor says my bloodwork has improved each time I see him.

Ruth Herman
Houston, TX

NO More bloating and gas after eating

Ricki, I Just tried 3 days of Digestzyme you sent me. What a great product. Resolved so many digestive issues, no more gas and bloating, even after spicy Mexican food. I’m feeling much more normal again.
I also tried. Zeal, grape and wild berry (which are gluten free) for a quick pickup during the day. Even tried it as the basis for a protein shake. Refreshing and flavorful. It only has 4 grams of sugar and really gave me more energy without the use of ingredients that are high in refined sweeteners. Thank you!! My digestive system is working like it used to. Yea!

Anita Stevens
Conroe, TX

Changed the way I think about food and dieting

“Ricki McHealthy McKenna has changed the way I think about food and dieting. I’ve become more mindful of what I eat, as I’ve come to realize through Ricki’s coaching that good food is the key to good health and losing weight! I’m eager to see what’s next on my personal journey to Conscious Eating.”

Mary W.
Broomfield, CO

Ricki’s style of leadership

Ricki’s style of leadership imparts a lightheartedness that invigorates the soul and body with fun and exuberance. As the CCQH Leadership Club’s resident nutritionist, she brings excitement and practical wisdom to the dining table of good foods.”

Cheri L
Lafayette, CO