The 5 Step System

The  5  Step System  includes 5 main “ingredients” to help you achieve your  goals for better health.    For details and your FREE Confidential Nutritional Survey, please contact me.

Here’s a brief overview:

1. Confidential Nutritional Survey and Interview

  • YOU are bio-chemically unique…so is the system for your guidance

2. Specific detailed instructions for your shopping lists & food selections

  • EASY to prepare  “1- pan meal” instructions (easy clean-up too)
  • Meals that satisfy and re-educate your palate

3. Coaching & Guidance through the tough times

4. Specific whole food supplements to assist your body to cleanse & renew

  • Healthful Snacks to tide you over between meals

5. Coaching & Guidance through the good times

  • No deprivation or starving yourself

Begin your journey to Conscious Eating and weight maintenance today.

Feel FREE to ask questions – please email me:

Tip:  Your insurance company may finance part or the whole cost for Nutrition Therapy/Wellness Education and Nutrition Coaching sessions.


“Ricki McHealthy McKenna has changed the way I think about food and dieting. I’ve become more mindful of what I eat, as I’ve come to realize through Ricki’s coaching that good food is the key to good health and losing weight! I’m eager to see what’s next on my personal journey to Conscious Eating.”     Mary W.  Broomfield, CO